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Petoba Marketing Ltd's main priority is to form, create and manage white label voucher code and money saving websites.

We work with leading global retail, media and online brands to provide them with voucher and discount code white label solutions in many different geographic locations and territories.

Our Solutions

We offer two different UK voucher code solutions, depending on your requirements. Our Voucher Code Data Feeds are perfect for you if you're serious about providing discount codes and would like the freedom to display however you choose. If you want to trial voucher codes out on your website to gauge consumer interest, then our Voucher Code iFrame solution is a good low cost solution that can be implemented quickly.

Voucher Code Data Feed

Our Data Feed is a REST API of offers that can be returned in a variety of formats to suit your needs, such as XML and JSON. This solution subsequently allows flexibility in terms of how you choose to display the vouchers to your visitors.

The Voucher Code Data Feed is the most customisable solution because we provide the data and you are free to display it in any way you wish (bar a couple of IAB and user experience guidelines). This can be as simple as following our standard voucher site templates to customising the website fully with graphics and promotions.

We can customise the data that we send too by removing categories and retailers that are not relevant to your site or target audience.

Get in touch to find out about costs and how to get started with our solutions.

Voucher Code Data Feed

Voucher Code iFrame

Voucher Code iFrame

The Voucher Code iFrame is similar to a mini voucher site which fits into your webpage and can be branded to suit your company. The consumer can navigate through this but the display options are limited. It is often used as a temporary solution or risk-free starting point. It holds no SEO value but it does take advantage of the entire selection of voucher codes and discounts.

The Voucher Code iFrame is built using the basic structure but can be changed dependant on your needs. As the Voucher Code iFrame is relatively basic, there are some limitations on what changes can be achieved. We have in the past customised the iFrames to fit with the websites they feature on such as Quiddi Compare.

Get in touch to find out about costs and how to get started with our solutions.

The Benefits


Our voucher code feeds offer a hassle-free way of gaining access to thousands of brands' discount codes.


If you'd rather not have certain retailers or categories in your voucher feed, we'll take them out. Simple as that.


We work hard to source a regular stream of exclusive voucher codes for our partners. Our relationships with retailers ensure that we get the best exclusives offers from thousands of stores.


We source the vouchers and we build the relationships with retailers. All you have to do is promote the service.


We can incorporate your logos and brand identity into our solutions to ensure that our discount code feeds fit into your website beautifully and maintain your customers' trust.


We're continually adding new retailers to our discount code feed so there are always reasons for your customers to come back. You can choose to offer our voucher feeds out to all visitors, or implement them into a customer reward system.


Whether you choose to feed the profits back into your business, share them amongst your members or donate them to charity, our solutions offer an extra way for your website to make money.


Our partners have access to our in-house tracking software, Affitracker. This allows you to keep on track of your clicks and sales in real-time. Read more.

Our Tracking Software

When you sign up to our voucher code solutions, you're given free access to our very own tracking software, Affitracker. Your Affitracker account will allow you to gain real-time data on your clicks and sales so you'll be able to view and manage your figures from your own office.

We work with a huge range of retailers and earn commission on sales through various affiliate networks. Your Affitracker account will compile all of this information so that you know which retailers your customers are buying from, when they are buying and what commission you earned.

Affitracker affiliate tracking software

Our Team

Andy Barr

Andy Barr

Andy co-owns this joint and it's his name on the contracts. He has a keen business mind, is a PR mogul and a natural at public speaking. Andy's seen Petoba grow into the UK's leading white label voucher code provider over the years, so he's the ideal man to give you insight into the company background.

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey

Jill also co-owns Petoba and she's a creative and business brain. She creates wonders on her trusted Mac and has a background in complex technology, making her fully equipped to head up this dynamic affiliate marketing agency.

Ross Tanner

Daniel Benzie
Technical Manager

Daniel creates all manner of technical wizardry here at Petoba. He's a dab hand at building bespoke Voucher Code Data Feeds and iFrames and he's on hand to answer any developmental or implementation queries that you might have.

Hannah Reynolds

Hannah Reynolds
Content Writer

Hannah is forever writing away, whether it's for our own content websites or when she's adding retailers to be used in our voucher code solutions. She makes sure that our voucher code solutions are packed full of a huge range of retailers to keep our partners' visitors happy.

Nick Sadler

Nick Sadler
Content Assistant

Nick checks through our discount codes, ensuring that they are all accurate and displaying properly. He makes sure that hundreds of new discount codes are added to our partners' Voucher Code iFrames and Data Feeds each day.

Patsy Holford

Patsy Holford
Financial Manager

Patsy takes care of the financial side of our voucher code solutions. She's the person who makes sure that our partners' hard earned commissions reach them promptly, though you'll hear from her first during the set-up fee phase.

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